Friday, July 5, 2013

Color Coded?

You probably already know that "Preach My Gospel" is the Missionary Guide used by all missionaries worldwide, the next few postings you will find here a few thinks that will help you know more about this marvelous guide.

First things first: Click here and get a copy of the full version of Preach My Gospel in as a PDF file!

Color Coded?

Preach My Gospel is color coded, making it easy to remember where things are and what they mean. 

Take some time to ready pages X and XI to become familiar with this system of information boxes and color system, it will make your reading, study and learning experience more effective. 

With the exception of chapter 3 which is the largest of all chapters and which contains the principles and doctrines that missionaries teach, all other chapters starts with a number of questions for which you will  find answers in that chapter. Become familiar with those questions when you start reading and studying a chapter.

A Successful Missionary 

The better you learn your purpose and understanding the reasons why we do missionary work the more prepared you will be as a missionary. 

Chapter one helps you understand how you can became a successful missionary, take time to ready the words, mark the scriptures and annotate in the margins of this chapters what you felt, put into practice the principles, live what you learn in this chapter.

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